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Our Origins, Our Members, Our Goal

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Our Origins, Our Members, Our Goal Empty Our Origins, Our Members, Our Goal

Post by Pandemic Persona Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:18 pm

Pandemic Persona started a few months ago when 3 friends decided to create a manga together. (Not all three are listed here.) Our name was chosen to convey our feeling of want- a want to spread our manga throughout the country, throughout the world - like the spread of a pandemic disease.

Our group currently has 3 active members: (The links only link back to our profiles on this forum, but you can find all of us with the same usernames at

Other members listed at the deviantart group page but are not listed here have suspended PandemicPersona membership as they have not contributed significantly as of yet.

We hope to get published someday, and that you will look at our work and be inspired to cry, to laugh, to give life your all, and maybe even continue/start drawing! ^-^ Please keep on giving us your support and look forward anxiously to our projects!

-Pandemic Persona

Pandemic Persona
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