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Updates: Project 1: One-shot: Invisible Magic

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Updates: Project 1: One-shot: Invisible Magic Empty Updates: Project 1: One-shot: Invisible Magic

Post by KuroiHaneTenshi Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:53 pm

Sept. 15 - decided through outside voting (out of 3 possible projects) to start Invisible Magic as our first project

Summary: There's so many things that Melody has always wanted to do, but her shyness has stopped her.She loves to sing and act, but she can't do it in front of a crowd of more than... just herself or her best friend, Amy, who is very outgoing and popular.One day, Amy tells Melody that she's signed her up for the school musical auditions. What will Melody do now that she is signed up for the auditions? Will she be able to fight her fear and stand in front of the crowd or let her win and not show up for the auditions?

Sept 19 - character sketches done for Amy and Melody

Oct 2 - Plot breakdown done.

Oct 4 - title page sketch1 done, working on scripting Part1

October 18 - lineart done for Sketch1

Oct 19 - scripting for up to page 10 done. another sketch for title page.
Oct 20 - inking (partly) done for Sketch2

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